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It's MY life, don't you forget...

You know what people? Everybody needs to simmer the fuck down. This is my JOURNAL. I write about shit that goes on in my life, but more importantly in MY head. MY thoughts, MY feelings – as whacked and / or delusional as they may be, they are MINE. And damn it all to hell, I'm not censoring them for anybody. I write about the boys I like, the boys who like me, and the boys who fuck me over. Currently there are about five of them. There have been others, and I'm sure there will be many more. I'm fickle, my opinions of the boys change with the fucking weather – one week will be spent gushing about telling two boys I love them at the same time, the next week they don't even make the highlight reel. It's just the way I am & I'm not going to apologize for it. So please, if anyone's feeling particularly tickled or tortured or guilty for having made the list? Build yourself a bridge & get over it already – you're NOT that special. Check back in two weeks & see me yawning over the alphas, in a couple of months you may not even register on the role call... just ask Boy A. And to those of you sitting back & reading this solely to judge my life? Get your own. Or at least have the balls to own up to the moral imperative you're shoving down my throat. If you hate how I live so much, then do us both a favor and don't fucking read about it. /rant



Mar. 12th, 2004 12:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Stella marie you're my star
Aww honey, i know you would never hate on me :o*

Yeah, there's been drama on like 8 different levels & I think I just snapped a little yesterday... we'll have to carve out some time to catch up soon.

As to picking up a used copy of stellastarr*? For the love of all that is good & holy in this world - go back & get it. If you don't quite trust me 'cause I'm crushing on their guitarist, go here: http://www.stellastarr.com/site.html and listen to some of their songs first. (bottom right hand corner is the player) But I think you'd like them... after all you have excellent taste in music, and they're just excellent :) Oh & they won't give a straight answer on how they got their name, so your guess is as good as any...