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Remember when I used to come on this thing & just start blurting out all the crap in my head that was making me nuts?
me too...
But now you all really read my rantings & some of the boys read & so now I have to be all concerned with what exactly I say. Careful not to refer to things that I haven't written about, careful as to how I discuss the alphanumerics without being blatant about it how, or indeed, to talk about their actual persona apart from their "boy" status...and well, it just makes me dizzy on a day that involved not enough bagels or cigarettes or coffee to make up for my night of drinking & dancing & the paltry 4 hours of sleep that resulted.

Needless to say, once I have it all figured out later, I will post. But damn! This used to be a lot easier...

ok. one observation from last night: I have never wanted to simultaneously kick someone & kiss someone so badly ever in my entire life. I don't think I was even aware that such a combination emotion existed. But low & behold, there it was. I think instead of kicking said person in the head, I ended up stomping my foot a little too hard which was fine last night, but is killing me today.