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So, I was listening to "Bokkie" in the bug today & it occurred to me that really, it should have been the title to Sunday's entry. 'Cause really? Given the circumstances on Saturday, the line is just perfect. So I bucked tradition once again & went back and changed it today. You know, in case you were wondering, which I'm sure you weren't... Plus I'm sure I'll find a more apropos entry for Dennis' exquisite "Crushed".

In the meantime... I just want to say how tickled I am that you all are reading on like, a regular basis. 20 people reading every day is probably small potatoes in the land of the blog, but it's gi-normous to me. I certainly hope that my insanity-driven life manages to keep you all entertained. Also, I have had a half dozen, "it's just like Sex and the City" comments as of late. While I think I should be flattered by that, I'd like to point out a few things first:
a) I don't have HBO, so I've never watched SatC. I've seen maybe 3-odd episodes tops.
2) For those of you who don't actually know me, I am no where near a size two, nor do I own a single pair of Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks.
d) I don't live IN the city. So at best my blog could be a rip-off entitled, "Sex and the Suburbs".

Now, pulling from that last statement, I'd like to publicly announce something. I want to live IN the city. Really badly. I mean I'm spending at LEAST 4 nights a week there as it is, so the commuting is just getting silly at this point. I mean, I dig on being the scenester from outside the scene & all, but not having to tack on that extra half hour to every night would be so phenomenal. And I think I've pretty much had it with my current job. So this is it. I'm jacking up my resume tonight & I'll be emailing it all over Manhattan starting tomorrow. I'll do pretty much anything, so if you hear of anything at all, (as long as we're talking > $25,000) pretty please send it my way. I have to say this is the most exciting decision I've made in quite some time, lets just hope it works out. I'm sure you'll be treated to many a rant on the various issues associated with finding a viable job in Manhattan, though hopefully they'll be short-lived.

In other news? Not so much happenin' with the boys. I talked to both D and G online today in rather normal conversations. However, tomorrow night promises to be oh-so-much-fun. Can't wait for the mayhem that will be dashing back & forth from Sin-e to Pianos. Roughly 3 or 4 of the alphanumerics should be there – so that's always good for a chuckle or two, but more importantly? I just adore each of the 4 bands I'll be seeing. And that hasn't happened in a while. Also in the up & coming mischief category... we have my cotillion in Boston this Saturday. Ms. Ashley Wicked has graciously offered to introduce me around to all of the eligible young men in the Boston scene – so basically, The GoStation opening for Dear Leader at The Plan is really just my coming out party for the Boston Indie Circuit. LOL! Going to be the MOST fun. Can't wait to really get out there & wreak a little havoc with my girl! Trying to get JoJoDancer to tag along, but I think she like, gets car sick & stuff... who knows – maybe I can get her to suck it up, take some Dramamine & come paint Bean Town with us... Hmmn. Do we think Dramamine could keep us from getting ill due to all the DRAMA in our life? I mean, the social life has sped up to a dizzying pace, so my anxious stomach can't be THAT far off from motion sickness...

Right. Leaving now. Going to bang out the best damn resume you've ever seen.