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So tired yet so not sleepy... argh!
Filled out Giulia's questionnaire, omitted a few questions that I didn't have answers for...

Favorite band in New York City: stellastarr*

Top five bands I'm excited about right now (in no particular order): stellastarr*, surefire, The GoStation, Benzos, The Forms

Rockstar crush: Michael Stellastarr*, Paul Walkmen (yes I know he's married)

Rockstar who's head I would like to bash in with a brick: Diego Elephant would work, but I'm thinking there's probably a better candidate at the moment...

Rockstar I wish I could be best friends with: Rufus Wainwright

Rockstar I am best friends with: Dennis Realistics

Soon to be rockstar: Ben Surefire, Matt GoStation, Alex Forms

Band that all the hipsters love to love, but I think is actually total crap: the Rapture, Morningwood, Bling Kong... really I could keep going, but I think I'll stop here.

Band that I love to love, but all the hipsters think is actually total crap: Starsailor, Travis

Band that I wish I could be in: Scout

Band that I used to wish I could be in: The Bangles

Best band to photograph: tie between Ash & Starsailor

Band I wish I could have seen back in the day: The Pixies

Band that I will be SAYING I saw back in the day: stellastarr*, surefire

Rockstar I want to be right now: Mandy stellastarr* - who DOESN'T want to be Mandy?