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And people tell you you're pretty...

Right. So it seems that no matter what I do these days I can NOT get anywhere in the city on time. This wouldn't be as distressing if I didn't keep missing opening acts that I've been wanting to see... Take last night for example, I was so psyched to see DoP again at Sin-e and, of course, I didn't get there until they were long over. Now part of that is my not getting my ass in the shower early enough, but then the universe (or really I suppose the NYC DoPW) intervened by closing the 3rd Ave Bridge exit off of 87 & forcing me to take an insanely twisted & rather circular path into Manhattan. Then there was no parking on Attorney... I mean, really! There was a full moon right? 'Cause things like that just aren't normal.

Anyhow. I show up at Sin-e & am immediately accosted outside by the lovely JoJoDancer whose sexy Kathleen Turner-phlegm is still rasping her voice out nicely. (and apparently whose server is on the fritz..) We chat, (presumably while the Hong Kong is setting up...) Jo tells me about Natasha Lyone being a promiscuous crack whore. Then she says I'm purty, isn't she the sweetest? For such a lil toughie, that girl is just a big-ole' Marshmallow underneath. Actually what she does is stop me in the middle of a sentence to tell me that I'm beautiful, which honestly, all though I've been getting a lot of that lately, it's just really nice to hear coming from someone who ISN'T trying to get into my pants. Especially since BoyG is now standing 5 feet away from me & has yet to acknowledge my existence. *sigh* I *heart* Jo. I made my apologies to Jinners & DoP for missing their set, but everyone was so thrilled that I had gone to see them at Southpaw that no one really cared. I figured at this point I should probably get inside & say hi to the non-smokers, so I did. Only it was PACKED. like wall to wall, can-see-a-few-people-I-know-but-couldn't-get-to-them-if-my-life-depended-on-it, packed. I some how squeezed my way over to the bar for a beer & enjoyed the Hong Kong's set wedged nicely amongst strangers in the back.

A note about the Hong Kong... Catherine is hot. Platinum blonde, sexy smokey eyes & a voice to rival Nico. As Giulia pointed out, "she's exactly who every girl dreams of being". Very true. Having said that... whilst I enjoyed their set, I find THK a little boring. I'm sorry, I know some of you are huge fans, but I just get the feeling that I've heard it /seen it/ been there already. But hey, I *still* want to be Catherine...

As their set ended, Sarah kicked up the tunes & I made my way through the thinning crowd to say my hellos... First up, unfortunately, Boy8. I had to get past him to get to Vince & Company... company equaling the mysterious Melissa, whom I'd met only briefly at The Shins show, but as it turns out is quite lovely & is going to be the purveyor of cheese at Vince's first-day-of-spring bash. Cheese at a vegan party... rock. on. I ran into Sarah on my way to the dj booth. She gave me a great big hug & "omg, you smell SO good!" So, basically between Jo & Sarah, I'd have been set for the night if I were into girls. *sigh* Further investigation of the crowd turned up Giulia, (who if I wasn't talking to her 5 times a week on im, I'd have given up for dead), Jasper, Dennis, Steve, Doug GoStation, Surefire, and that model of elusive behavior, Miss Modernage herself. Checking back outside, I ran into Erica, and BoyG finally managed to say hello. And then promptly left. Whatever. When I got back inside, I finally found Audrey up front for Dennis Cahlo's acoustic set. Now I know you all know that Dennis is my friend & I love him, but honestly? He is really, REALLY good. REALLY. Even with the back half of the room shouting over him he put on a fantastic set. His voice is just so.... *sigh*. Amazing. A few times when he languidly drifts into falsetto I can barely believe I'm not standing before Jeff Buckley. Yeah, I said Buckley. He's THAT good. Go & listen now. More chatting with everyone after Dennis' set... mostly about how fantastic Dennis was :) Heading back outside, I ran into a very dapper BoyD, who kissed me hello & whom I didn't see again for the balance of the evening. BoyG reappeared outside for like two minutes & then disappeared again. People, I'm starting to take this all personally... what am I, some bizarre take on Georgie Pordgie? 'cause apparently I kiss the boys & make them flee. lol. Whatever. I watch Asobi Seksu from almost the bathroom hall with Vince, Melissa, Doug, Jo & Sophie. They're great. I continue to love me some Asobi Seksu. I even forgive Yuki her Renee Zellwegger impression (she thanked like the whole planet for their night)as she's so damn cute & really - how can you not love a girl who's shouting lyrics at you in Japanese? I love that they can take an 80's pop Bangles-In Your Room kind of song & layer it with a little wall of noise & come out sounding like happier, maybe third cousin of My Bloody Valentine.

Post show, we milled about in Sin-e until we were nearly forcibly removed. After party was going to be at Misshapes, and since Jo & I were already bopping about the room to Sarah's sounds, we started to round up people to head over to the party. Doug did not want to go. For some reason this did not sit well with me or Jo. We berated him into coming for about a half hour, and then when that wasn't working I literally grabbed his arm, told him to say goodbye to Vince & dragged him to my car.

We all found the "kidnapping of Doug" unbelievably entertaining, and soon enough we'd arrived at Luke & Leroys (oddly enough fairly simple to get to though I'm not entirely sure I could do it again under duress) & were upstairs boogie-ing down while our darling Greg spun all our favorite tunes. I heart Greg. I really do. Jo, showing pity to a broke, broke girl, said she was buying me a Gin&Tonic, which somehow ended up as a Jack & Ginger. lol. I gratefully accepted. Who here remembers when that was my drink of choice, my raison d'être if you will? God it seems like just yesterday, but Christ, we're talking the Beechmont so I couldn't have been more than 20 or so... oh jesus, maybe 1997, 98 tops? Oh Jack&Ginger how I missed you!

Spent a good portion of the evening chatting with Steve & Doug and managed to discover that Doug is both insane & hysterical. He can start on a yarn & work it straight through for five minutes without flinching - very Casey Diaz in that respect. lol. Ridiculously fun in any event. And I think he officially convinced me to go to Boston next week. Given, Ashley & I have been talking about it for weeks now, but nothing was set in stone - and truth be told we still don't have all the details ironed out... but I'm 99% there & I'm really looking forward to it.

Tonight I FINALLY get to see Calla. From the moment I first checked them out last summer I've been fiending to see them live & it just NEVER works out for me... kinda like me & The French Kicks or me & Boy2... there are just certain forces in the universe determined to keep me apart from these things. And I thought this week would be no exception for me & Calla, seeing as how they're playing The Bowery on Tuesday. Tuesday also being the first Vicious sponsored by SPIN & starring The GoStation, Pitty Sing, & Benzos. (Now I'd mention that Bastion is playing too, except I won't be there to see them... I'll be running my ass down to Pianos for those boys my 17 year old self can't get enough of, Surefire. (& then back to Sin-e, for the rest of Vicious & then back to Pianos for the after party... I should really look into NOT working on Wednesday, lol) So, right. Thought I was missing Calla AGAIN. But what's this? They're playing Maxwell's tonight in Jersey? With The Cooper Temple Clause? I'm so there :) woo hoo. ok. Update complete. must get ready for Calla. must get there on time...