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Last night was a non-issue. She came out with him. This was at first particularly disturbing in that when I got there mid Scout's first song I didn't see anyone I knew except the happy couple standing up towards the stage. After the set, I went out for a smoke & sure enough, he popped out & came to talk to me - but it was all about Scout & the new Vicious Flyer, so as far as I can tell, he's going to be playing it very safe for the time being. Back inside, I ended up having to make small talk with Boy8 (I know, but really it was him or *her*) before ALF went on... which I hated, but I really really didn't want to end up hanging with just them. ALF, as per usual were fantastic & as I enjoyed them I remembered my darling friend Ashley's mantra, "it's all about the music" and really... it is. After the set I saw him outside again & it was pretty much the same. Except that he searched me out to talk on the sidewalk - which was a little cute. Finally inside I saw Doug talking with them & I walked over to say hi. Once again, she was very nice to me – which makes it a lot harder to plot her untimely demise... kidding I swear I'm not going all Alex Forrest on you guys. Plus I could never hurt a bunny rabbit. Anyhow, that was pretty much it. I left mid Saintface w/o saying goodbye to them (I did say bye to Doug in the bar on my way out) so there you have it.

So obviously, I've managed to simmer down some. I'd say yesterday afternoon was when I pretty much hit my peak of totally-crushed-out-ness, but last night was a big help with that. When it comes to men, I am an attention whore. We all know this. Any guy who pays enough attention to me can eventually get what he wants. Sad? Perhaps... but certainly true. Guys who I have had absolutely NO interest in have worn me down before... I start to see possibilities where i never thought they existed & well, yeah, like I said, Attention Whore. So it would follow then that LACK of attention bores me faster than a thesis on Quantum Physics. I'm not entirely bored of the boy mind you... I just think it helped to watch him heaping his attention on someone else, 'cause, need I remind you, I don't like sharing my toys. So it just kind of slides him back into that "fun friend" category - which granted is where he should have stayed to begin with, but hey - bygones - you know? Blah, blah, blah... next please? I'd like something close to this last model, but with a little more experience & hold the live-in girlfriend, thanks.