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So. right. We're at day 2 of not flirting online with BoyG. Well, mostly not flirting. SIGNIFICANTLY reduced flirting. It's starting to get to my head a little bit... I keep biting my tongue. Plus I'm in that daydream stage now, where I daydream about his girlfriend waltzing off the face of the earth. Yay for daydreams :) Boo for real life.


so my point? Is that I'm so smitten & I oughtn't be. Also that I see him tonight for the first time since the not-flirting & I'm concerned about how I'm going to be around him... I don't want to avoid him per say, but I don't want to end up uncomfortably close either.

I'll deal. I just have to distract myself - if nothing else, i know the bands will be good. I'll concentrate on them. Lol. It's all about the music - right? Also, I should take it easy on the beer. That would be helpful on many levels... especially the part where I drive home.

Okay. I've vented. I'm mentally prepared. Now I just need to go get a shower & find something amazing to wear. Can't BE fabulous if you don't LOOK fabulous :P