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I have sooooo much updating to do, I know I know... totally neglecting the journal. – feel free to scold me if you see me out & about this week (and you will)

First, let's take a trip in the waybackmachine to the weekend before I left for Vermont & all the lovely music I got to hear...

Pity Sing/Metric/South on Friday, 2/13 at The Bowery Ballroom.

Missed Pity Sing entirely. Not to worry, they're playing Vicious on March 9th with The GoStation, Bastion, & the incredible Benzos

Metric was... interesting? I think I could like them, but I'm not entirely sure. First it's important to say that I didn't actually catch their whole set – so my observations are entirely based on drips & drabs of their show. But from what I saw, Emily wants to be Karen O real bad & well, we all know how I feel about the YYY's.

South were divine. Actually, their sound sucked – lots of buzzing & popping & things that don't normally go wrong at the BBR. Nevertheless, it was SO good to see them again, like another old friend from the Starsailor-Elbow-Doves click. But you would have thought they'd have had room in their equipment trunks for one measly little banjo... loosen your hold just wasn't the same without one. Ooh & also? Jamie McDonald? *SWOON* I remember him being hot last time & well, yeah, still hot. SO hot. In the immortal words of Robyn, "Mama liiiiiiike".

The Shins at Irving, Saturday February 14th.

For whatever reason, I just couldn't really get into the show... I mean, I love the record & they played a tight & energetic set, but I was, I don't know... restless or something. I still can't put my finger on why I felt so disconnected – possibly the crowd, half of them were just drinking & chatting. Eh. Their Bowery show was better.

VICIOUS Tuesday, February 17th, @ Sin-e
Bling Kong / Inouk

Now as I was still packing furiously for my flight on Wednesday, I missed the two earlier acts (The Somnambulants & Boyskout) & by the time I got there, Sin-e was more packed than I'd seen it in months, and it looked like they'd run a shuttle bus from Williamsburg. I walked in on the freak show that was Bling Kong. Entertaining? Yes. Strangely fascinating? You could say that. A tight set that showed how the band's dozen or so members act as a single fluid unit? Not even close. Really that's all I can say about them. Or rather, think this way... if you were kind of tipsy, you'd probably think they were ridiculously good.
Innouk. I liked about half of their stuff, but what I liked? I REALLY liked. The have massive potential & I look forward to watching them really carve out their own sound.

Now the alphas...

Boy 8? We're done. Our last encounter was just... really not what I'm looking for. End of story. He must feel the same, I've seen him a few times since with other girls. We say "Hi". That's it.

BoyG? Got way too out of control with the flirting. I need to stand this one down before somebody ends up getting hurt.

BoyD? More of the same old same old. Seen him a couple times, nothing, nothing, nothing. We need another drunken event. Lol. He should have been out more this week!! Also, I think he's reading this. I almost ask him about it everyday on im, but never actually do. So hey, Boy D? If you read, just say so, okay?

Boy2? Is a sweetheart & is helping me distract my self from other, more dangerous liaisons. *mwah* Of course we'd rather he distract us by making out with us, but we'll take the chatting ;)

In other news? I made out with a lovely British rockboy at the bar last week. It was very nice, but hi, he lives in England.