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Okay. So I've been a very, very bad girl this week... I can say this for a multitude of reasons, but lets pretend the main one is that I haven't been updating . I am, really & truly sorry... only things have gotten so very complicated lately & so many more people are reading than I thought, so it's been taking me a while to really sit down & figure out exactly how much can be shared with the general public & well, I think there are some things best left unsaid. At least in writing...

In the meantime - I'm off to get fitted for a lovely, yet still overpriced taffeta creation that I will be wearing this October. And tonight? The bridesmaids invade NYC, which is a frightening thought - I haven't been out with the girlies in a loooong while. Heaven help us all. um, it's unfortunate that there is so much else going on tonight that I'm simply mad to see... Crash Convention at Lit (9:30, 2nd Ave btw 5th & 6th), the sweet sounds of Dennis Cahlo at the Living Room (11pm, Ludlow btw Stanton & Rivington)plus Greg's brand new party Misshapes featuring guest dj Boy George!! - Can you stand it? Not to mention that White Light Motorcade will be making their grand return to Tiswas tonight at 11:30... right. Way too much to do & I'm starting wonder how I can get out of Bridal-palooza... only drinking with the girlies can be SO fun. Decisions, decisions - well hopefully if nothing else, I'll be popping by Dennis' set

Oh shit, look at the time - I'm gonna be late for the fitting. More later & I promise to update the alphanumerics as best I can ;)


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Mar. 1st, 2004 10:35 am (UTC)
i want the deets, email me.....

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