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mmn. So throwing up at work is just, like, the worst feeling on the planet. No, really. If you haven't had this lovely, lovely experience for yourself, let me set the scene for you... You're in your office. You feel like crap, you're dressed up in your corporate best (for the sake of argument, let's say you're wearing a cashmere turtleneck with a short plaid skirt & tall black boots. I know, more mod than corporate, but hey it's not like I'm working on Wall Street people...) The temperature control is all funky & you keep going through fits of alternating chills & sweats. And then you sit down to take that first fateful bite of bagel. oh, yeah – you KNOW that ain't staying down. You politely excuse yourself from the kitchen & grab the key for the ladies'. On your way out the door you – of course – run into the FedEx guy who jabs you with his clipboard & pen while you're trying really really hard not to vomit on him. You start to get that weird pre-puke salivation and the lock on the door is not really cooperating *keep it in, keep it in* You silently praise Allah that there's no one else in the stalls & then you drop to your knees on the gross tile floor and vomit. A lot. Into a very public toilet. And you're shaking & half crying or whatever you call it when your eyes leak while you uke. And then you clean yourself up, dust yourself off, and walk back into the office like nothing happened. All you really want to do is find the school nurse & get her to call your mom to take you home for the balance of the day, but instead you get to struggle through 5 more hours of HELL.

Actually, I'm feeling 200% better now than I was this morning... So lets see if I can't play a little catch up...

I really did intend to update last week before jetting off on my mini-break, but alas, the clock beat be out on Wednesday & I had to make a mad dash for JFK as it was so... eh. I think you all managed to get along without your daily fix of my drama-infused life, right?

Okay, so we're going to do this in baby steps – starting with the calamity that was last night & moving backward from there.
You know what? That's not going to work... we're going to have to back it up to the triple-threat weekend & go forward from there... no. screw that, it'll take me two years. I'll get to all of it eventually, but right now lets just sum up a few highlights:

BoyG is KILLING me. I just don't know what to do with this one folks... he's a head trip for sure. Now he's been flirting rather shamelessly over the privacy of the internet, but two Sundays ago? At Audrey & Jasper's shindig at Pianos? whoa nelly. Suffice to say that the flirting went very, very public. If you didn't know us, I'd wager you'd have thought we were together. And I can't help it. I like the boy. A lot. What I didn't like on Sunday was meeting his gf again. And finding out that they just moved in together. *sigh*

So, I kinda spent last week letting go of my mini-infatuation with him. I just figured it would be best, you know? I'm not the kind of girl who shops in other girls' closets - it's not cool. And Vermont was really great for not thinking about the boys, and BoyG faded from the front of my mind. Until Monday rolled around and I found him pondering wistfully about kissing me, and well, that was the sucker punch that did me in. Now, I'll see him on Wednesday and I'm already anxious about it. Do you think if I wish hard enough his gf will just disappear? yeah. I know, I'm off my rocker. And probably the gf is adding to my infatuation with all of her "you can't have this" yummy goodness. Bleh. It's not like I think he's "the one" I don't even think he'd make very good boyfriend material (well duh - look how he's handling his current relationship) I just think we ought to have a short but intense fling - is that so much to ask?

Anyhow... That's really the only news on the alpha-numerics. I did pick-up a tourist at Pianos last night. A cute & scruffy Texas born, Memphis bred artist. It was his first trip to the big city, he had a sexy draaaaaaaaawl. He bought me lots & lots of beer & a couple of shots of Jim Beam & I drove him back to his hotel after last call. We kissed. A lot. And I won't say I didn't think about letting him pay to valet park the car & checking out his suite... but it was soooo late & playin reindeer games with a boy who's only gonna be here another 2 days wasn't looking like the best plan. I kinda feel for the guy - He thought he was gonna get lucky, and he totally didn't. But I sure had fun. Well, at least until this morning... ;)

Marriage is love.