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Just remember... we're on drugs...

I had this huge, self-indulgent trip down memory lane turned self-analytic post planned out for today, but then the Verizon DSL crashed out at work.

I had planned on seeing The 22's & Morningwood play Plaid this evening, but my ass got stuck to the couch & I was held captive by the power of The OC.

So instead, I made S'Mores in the microwave, fantasized about how much better the OC would be if Chad Michael Murray was playing Ryan, and checked out Pity Sing, who will be opening for Metric and South this Friday at The Bowery. I have to thank Giulia for pointing them out, because if I hadn't checked out their mp3's, I might have skipped them & that would be bad, because really? I might love them.

Speaking of looooove, ever had the impulse to tell two boys you love them at exactly the same time? Yeah. I kinda felt like I might be alone on that one... It was a little disconcerting, but it passed, so I wouldn't worry too much for my sanity. I am, however, beginning to think that perhaps my over-productive hormones are wearing my brain a little thin... is that even possible? From a medical perspective? Well, I get the feeling I'm heading into a boy-less weekend anyways... they run for cover this time of year - *ooooh* *scary!!* the dreaded Valentine's Day!!! My current plans include sitting home & watching the entire MSCL dvd collection. Also possibly some chocolate. And liquor. Perhaps Godiva liquor? I'm thinking that would work nicely...

Right. I'm done now. Maybe I'll have that self-indulgent post up tomorrow ;)