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...made me weak in the knees.

whoa... BIG weekend. HUGE. Possibly bigger than the fantastic-ness that was SUPERweekend'04, well, possibly.

So, Friday night.... I agreed to meet Boy8 at his place to "watch a movie". Yes, I could tell where this was going & yes I went anyways. Besides, we got most of the talking out of the way on Thursday. Well, after getting rather lost in Queens, in the rain on my way there - I was surprised to see there actually *was* a movie to watch. "Pirates Of The Caribbean" - which I hadn't seen & thought was hilarious (if overly predictable).

There was a good deal of handholding & limb entangling on the couch - followed by several make-out sessions during the fight scenes. And, well - what followed was divine. Especially considering my um, divinity has been completely self-perpetuated for the last... oh, damn, it's been a YEAR.

Post- (um what would you call it if there wasn't actually any coitus?) things fell a little left of center... now, despite previous requests for a "sleep over" there was suddenly a breakfast with aging relatives in the morning. anybody else feel the eyebrow raise coming on there? which, even if it *was* true, certainly sounded like the biggest line of all time. But he didn't ask me to leave either - it was just out there... floating around as it were. And so, I decided to split the difference - stay a while (mainly in anticipation of a second round) and then leave. And I did. I stayed until about 6 am or so... but curiously enough (considering last Sunday's theatrics) nothing else happened. And as I left - no mention of the telephone, AT ALL. So... not so sure what's up there, but hey - a good time was had by all.

I slept in Saturday morning after my sunrise-drive home, and eventually was hit with a bout of creativity. I raced out to the craft store & bought some iron-on transfer paper for my inkjet printer & some fabulous 70's style silver glitter iron-on letters. A stop at Kohls yielded some ridiculously cheap split-neck t-shirts & suddenly I had the makings of not only a fabulous set of matching birthday presents, but also a fun new top for me... I tracked down a huge version of this picture, cropped each girl out separately, transferred them to the shirts, and then proceeded to label each of them with a sparkly "mary kate" and "ashley". I then turned the iron on my own purple tee, declaring myself a "popstar" in as many words (or letters, rather).

Satisfied with all of my creations, I made my way to Chinatown for the star-studded Aquariusspotting party to celebrate the births of my most favorite geisha, the most famous/fantabulous/jewish party girl I know, and the first boy i kissed on NYE at his girlfriend's behest. The girl's gifts were aptly appreciated, and my new shirt garnered it's fair share of attention (the kind of which - I must say, I never tire...).

The party was PACKED. The usual suspects were scattered about, including Audrey, Dennis, Steve, Jasper, Jo, and of course, BoyD. There were some notable guest appearances by the likes of Stellastarr*, the almost forgotten Daniel who we may all remember from his role in the production of As Daylight Breaks, and the lovely Renee - the darling girl who let me talk her ear off at Greg's on NYE.

Jasper saddled me with a, "I hear you're hanging out with my boy [boy8]" wink, wink, nod, nod so it seems my exploits haven't exactly gone unnoticed... Meanwhile, I mostly stayed away from BoyD. He looked, really, really adorable with his new look, but I wasn't up for the kind of self-esteem thrashing my encounters with him usually yield. I also managed to stay out of the back room with it's supposed mountain of illicit substances, so points for me on resisting temptation in various forms.

Now, as glamorous as the party was, I always feel lost in a crowd that large – I'm much better in smaller, more intimate groups where I know more people & I don't feel like I'm crowding anybody. And so after about 2 hours worth… I quietly said my goodbyes & slipped out.

I made my way up to the LES for a much less crowded party at Mona's in celebration of Katie & Donovan's being in NYC for one full year. Heading back into the bar, I ran smack in to Boy2. (I'll pause while you pick your jaws up off the ground)

Now, this encounter wasn't entirely "chance" as it were... he im'd me earlier in the day & suggested I stop by if I left the party, but come on – where would the element of surprise be if I'd let you in on that back when I was going on about making the t-shirts? Even though I had known there was a distinct possibility of seeing him there, I hadn't actually processed the notion that it might actually happen...

Moving on, he was hammered, I was halfway there, there was a great amount of hugging & laughing & talk as to whether this reunion had been made possible by a fold in time-space continuum or a grant from the Helena Rubinstein Foundation. So. We had some beers, I got to catch up with Katie & Meg, let slip a few thing I'd rather I hadn't, and was pleasantly shocked to see that Donovan actually remembered who I was.

sidebar: Donovan was macking hardcore on some girl & I'd just like to note for the record that if he didn't get any, the blame must fall squarely on his shoulders for not having the balls to make a move. Because, seriously? The girl might as well have been waving him on in with bright orange batons, so let's hope he got somewhere with that...

Sometime around 3:30 or so the mass migration of Brooklynites began. I volunteered the bug to taxi Boy2, Megan & her bf back over the bridge. Dropped the happy couple off at the KFC and laughed all over again at the Seinfeld implications. Made my way to Boy2's new digs, and here's where you could have knocked me over with a feather... up until now I was thinking that at the most, I might get a good-night kiss when I dropped him off. But instead of just telling me which building was his (in order, presumably, for me to pull up to the curb & let him out), he started pointing out places for me to park... curiouser and curiouser... I was all kinds of confused, and really, could you blame me? But of course, I went in anyways.

I got the grand tour of the new place, he put on some music, I reconnected with Oliver & got to meet the rest of the menagerie, we started talking, and before I knew it, my back was pressed up against some kind of pillar & he was kissing me. And just so there are no mistakes, that would be him kissing me, as I am very sure I had no part in impetus of that moment. The kissing went sublimely well. So well, in fact, that it prompted him to sweep a mountain of clean laundry from his bed to the floor so that we might continue in a horizontal fashion, unfettered, as it were, by pesky socks fraught with static cling. This was pure, 100% High School make out session material... complete with all the giggling & random acts of cuteness that such an event might entail. But that was all.

It was nice, sleeping with him again (yes I mean actually sleeping – get your heads out of the collective gutter) – it's a rare thing when I can actually get some sleep when I'm sharing a bed, and well, I managed to sleep straight through until about 10, and then dozed off again until noon-ish. I left shortly thereafter & I can't begin to tell you what, if anything, it meant. Half of me thinks he did it just to re-establish a starring role in my journal ;), the other half thinks I must have been involved in some kind of bizarre David Lynch dream sequence... but hey, once again, a good time was had by all.