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"This is it, that's the end of the joke"

*dancing around, doing my best Molly Ringwald impression*

Okay. The last 48 hours have really been phenomenal, and I would like to attribute them to what I call, "The Pretty in Pink Effect". On my way home Wednesday I stopped at L&T to pay my bill... and due to massive clearance sales, did a little damage in the process. Including

A) new ooh la la lingerie - btw here comes another mini-rant:
I have not bought unmentionables meant for someone else's eyes in SO long, like possibly October of '01. Regardless... I forgot how much fun it can be to shop for lingerie when you're thinking about someone else. Although I have to say, in my experience, even when the lads talk a big game about liking to ogle girls in their sexier numbers - the sexy underthings almost never stay on long enough to be appreciated. Clothes come off less piece-meal and more in a heap these days, so you have to ask yourself if it's really worth it to go out & spend the kind of cash that LaPerla or Felina or Cosabella can run you? Then again, they can make a gal feel pretty damn hot even if she's the only one that ever see it... /rant

2) a pink nubby coat. OMG I've wanted one for sooooo long & this is exactly what I was looking for. AND it's an entire size smaller than the one I bought last year. Hooray for the skinnier new me. I love, love, love it.

So now, getting up on Thursday I got all fancied up for my new coat. The sun was shining, my hair came out amazing... and I was feeling as pretty in pink as one girl can be. And all this before I got to work where BoyG proceeded to flirt his ass off with me over the friendster. Woo. Hoo. He is totally crushing right back at me. I'm just having those couple of days where I feel fantastic, and I swear when I'm like this - I feel like the whole world could (& probably ought to) fall at my feet, and well - a significantly greater amount of you do, so hey... I milk the PiP effect for as long as it lasts. This has carried over to today, as Boy G (thinking that I was in the city) asked me out for coffee this afternoon, god bless his little girlfriend-having heart. Today I am a god-dess. Raaaawr! LOL. And I'm thinking this is gonna keep up straight through tonight ;)

So wish me luck my tiny band of faithful readers… oh, and if any of you are at Sarah/Laura/Dan's on Saturday & you DON'T tell me you've been reading I will be forced to smote you down like the goddess that I am. *mwah*