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Okay, so I calmed down a little bit & called the boy back :)

According to my cell phone, we talked for just over 7 minutes. I think that's a very respectable first phone call… 5 minutes or less would have been to hurried, too "someone's trying to get off the phone", 10 minutes & you're pushing it, so 7 seems just about right. Especially since, we now have plans for Friday. So… I now have an actual date in the making, (See I told you all my rambling about dating would come in handy) I am seriously petrified. See? You don't even have to ask why the date is sending me into anxiety attacks… you can just think back & say, ah, yes this will only be the poor girl's 9th date ever – of course she's nervous You might also think hmmn, a real date = real potential, Jocelyn prefers her potential to remain unfulfilled or be able to look over my neurosis-filled journal & come up with any number of reasons as to why my stomach will be in absolute knots by Friday night. And there are other things that make me uncomfortable with all of this, like my whole "no back pedaling" clause… You would *think* that having already gone home with the boy would alleviate some of your average first-date stressing, but no – it like quadruples them. I mean, he's already mentioned that I could stay over on Friday if I wanted to… what's a girl supposed to do with that kind of offer? Bring a toothbrush & hope for the best? I mean… it's just like – wow, I'm kinda damned either way. If I don't decide to stay will he think I wasn't happy about the other night? If I do, am I shrinking the possibility of making this about more than a few well-intentioned rolls in the proverbial hay?
And if we are going to take a shot here at making something of all of this, then what? I mean there are a few things I feel I should know about, like – was he actually ON a date on Sunday? And what about this whole "I have a best friend & she's a girl & I love her to death thing"? I mean – am I walking into a Joey-Dawson landmine situation wherein they doth protest too much until all of a sudden they realize they've been in love all along? Okay, so maybe the cart got a few miles ahead of me & the horse there… I really should start watching my caffeine intake more carefully.

In the meantime… I am LOVING the new counter on my site. Not to go all "Big Brother" on y'all… but I would like to point out that the counter records your computer's host (or IP address – it depends) every time you visit lil' ole' me. Some of your hosts are dead giveaways, for example, My Maggie's says "Georgetown", Ms. Giulia's says "Columbia" (*waves hi to Giulia*) & of course, as I've already mentioned – certain other people's ips have been well documented & we see that they like to check up on us quite frequently *cough*5timesinoneday*cough* I can't tell most of you apart from each other, so you may yet revel in your anonymity, but it is making me insane with curiosity as to who's been peeking in on me – there are like 20 of you & really I can only account for about 14, so you who are dwelling in the shadows... please come on in & say hi? please?

oh. also. If you're gonna be up at 1:35 this morning, turn on NBC's last call with carson daly - you may see your's truly in the audience ;)


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Feb. 4th, 2004 05:22 pm (UTC)
Hi - I have to admit, I'm a shadow-dweller. I read your journal on my friend Kevin (pygmalion78) or Marci (ophelia99)'s friends page.
Mind if I add you to my own friends page?

Feb. 4th, 2004 07:09 pm (UTC)
Hi there!
I recognize you from Kevin's journal :)
Of course you can add me!
Feb. 9th, 2004 07:55 am (UTC)
let's keep the party polite...
took down some comments in an effort to keep things from getting ugly. Anyone who has anything else to say on this topic, please respond via email: brainwavy@livejournal.com
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