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Smoke on your pipe and put that in...

okay. So when I last left you I was yammering on about how awesome this last weekend was, but didn't tell you anything about it…

let's play a little backtracking game – Starsailor was Thursday the 22nd… That Friday Laura & Scott were up so, naturally, we all went to Molly's. Tony & (holy bejeezus) Matt Fuscaldo were out – lord only knows the last time we saw Matt which will segue nicely into my flashback:
Almost 11 years ago to the day, when Matt saw me at a Bball game & asked Julie Gessoff for my number. We'll just glance over the fact that Laura & Tara had been secretly crushing on him for 2 years & head straight to "oh my god a cute boy asked for my phone number". He was very sweet & so despite the fact that I was still fairly hung up on Bobby, I went out with him on my very first *actual* date. He picked me up wearing his black leather motorcycle jacket, introduced himself to both of my parents, and when he opened the car door for me – there was a single rose waiting in my seat. Oh yes, the boy was smooth, even at the age of 16. We went to Rockwell's (where else) for dinner & then he took me to a party. At Ian Crowley's house. Where Bobby was. The poor guy didn't stand a chance. We actually slow danced to "how do you talk to an angel", but seeing Bobby all over Jill (ha – bet you don't even remember it!!) just broke me & I don't think I even managed to kiss Matt good night. It was our first & only date as Kevin Valley soon became involved & convinced young Matthew that I was some sort of 15 year old Man-Eating Bitch… ah, young romance.

I apologize for floating farther & farther away on this tangent, but I would now like to take a moment to inspect my formal "dating career". IMHO, a "date" includes at least 4 of the 5 following elements: boy calls you, you make mutually agreeable plans, he picks you up, he takes you out, he brings you home. I don't "date" much. I've been on a grand total of 8 dates in my life. Matt was back in 93, and that was it until Justin Lioi clarified that our dinner plans were "a real date" and, jeez – that wasn't until 2000 or so. From there we have the nerve.com date from hell in '01, who's name I believe was Ben, and who did not even offer to pay for a single drink. Following Ben was Joe in '02 (I got in two "actual dates" before I magically became his gf), and then Carlos in '03, who I met on match, and turned out to be the same guy my mother had been trying to set me up with for over a year. That brings us to Boy A, with whom I'd say I had 2 "actual" dates with – everything else was just scamming at best. I PROMISE this tangent will be relevant in a moment…

So, Friday night was fun. I decided to skip Tiswas & Ambulance on Saturday night & in doing so managed to miss a so-secret-no-one-even-told-me-it-was-happening stellastarr* gig. Boo. Hiss. I really wish I'd seen it. Moving on… Sunday. I got down to Sin-e far too early for Surefire's set… so I popped on over to Audrey's too cute apartment to kill time & check out some of the Golden Globes. She was excited for what promised to be the baby boys' biggest show yet and I was psyched to finally get to see them perform – they've really come along way in the 2 years since we met Nick & Ben (then just 15 y/o babies) on line for every Starsailor event. They assured us they were going to be rockstars someday - and though we rolled our eyes at the time, it turns out they're incredibly talented & seriously on the brink of making their dreams come true. And in an unbelievably sweet turn of events, two of their idols, Barry & Ben Starsailor showed up for their gig. Very. Very. Cool. At the gig I hang with, Erica & Doug GoStation & re-introduce myself to Matt GoStation – who I'm not entirely convinced I'd formerly formally met. Between the three of them, I find myself promising to finally go see them next Saturday night.

I am completely off my rocker with the tangents today. I'm just in a weird – can't stop typing out shit to save my life kind of place… I'm SO sorry & I promise Super-Weekend update by tonight!!