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oh I am SO in need of an update…
ack! too much to tell! so. overwhelmed. arggggh.

Umm, umm, best weekend ever, but I can't get to that yet because If I do I'll never get around to what I did the week before & well all of that needs to be told...

Okay lets back things up a bit. First there is a sappy "woe is me" post that I wrote at some point last week but neglected to transcribe before I got all tangled up in re-working the html of this whole site… so if you happen to scroll down & notice that there's a post that wasn't there before – well, that's all it is & it's there b/c I'm post-dating it.

Alright. Now there are a few other things, namely The First Vicious of '04 and the nostalgic return of my first indie/Britpop loves, Starsailor. Vicious was great… It was probably the first time I'd been out with all the peeps since NYE & it was a lot of fun catching up & catching some great bands to boot. Laura was out for a change, which was fabulous… I got to meet Hightower for the first time, and our resident indie-celeb, Brendan Sexton, aka "Warren" was there.

Now I missed out on seeing "the information" b/c I got there too late. I don't quite remember why… It may have had something to do with dinner, or posting, or god knows what. I did, however, catch The Inmen who I saw this summer as "The Inflatable Men". Apparently they dropped the "flatable" – I think it was a good move, streamlining is almost always a good idea. They were a whole lot of dancy-fun. I have pictures that someday I will post to accompany this brilliant description of their set. Following them were Madison Strays. Again, more dancy fun was had. They're lead singer was a blast to photograph – he's one of those wild gesticulators. That sounds incredibly dirty, but I promise it just means he was flailing about like Miss Piggy or Animal on a rampage. Then an adorable friend of Laura's suggested we all move up closer to the stage to get a better view of the drummer from Runner & The Thermodynamics. (note to Runner & Co. – take a tip from the Inmen, it's all about streamlining.) I really didn't get what the boy was talking about… I mean, I guessed he was just a serious musician who enjoyed the intricacies of this guy's performance. Whoa Nelly was I wrong. The drummer was serious on crack. Craziest shit I've ever, ever seen. The dude was all over the place, somehow managing to keep the bass drum going whilst jumping up in & nearly out of his seat, knocking over at least one cymbal or snare stand per song, losing sticks right & left & playing with his hands when he inadvertently sent his stick bag flying… in. sane.

[ Ahem. Attention ex-boyfriends who may have a particular interest in all things percussion-related: now I know I'm supposed to be pretending that you're not reading this, but holy fuck, go check this guy out. You will SO thank me.]

I, like many of us, didn't stick around for the last band… I mean, three was enough for me. Plus there was just no topping the psycho drummer from Runner. But a good time was certainly had by all.

Now flash forward to Thursday… I was almost giddy at the prospect of seeing my sweet baby James again. In fact, I was pretty much past the point of giddy by the time the adorable Jonathan Rice finished his opening set. I was indescribably elated, twitching with a weird, nostalgic excitement… fairly akin to when I first got a hold of "Silence is Easy". Now we all know that I get a little wrapped up in music, but this was different. When I played that first track & heard James' unmistakable voice ringing out through my stereo, this huge smile just took over my face & I got butterfly rumblies in my tummy… it's ridiculous how in love with this band I am. Maybe it's that they the were the first ones I followed around from gig to gig… the real reason I still see Audrey or that I met Laura, maybe it's that they're responsible for my first & only trip "backstage" at a show, complete with a fully signed album & a few pictures… But whatever it is, I'm instantly 14 in their presence & it's fucking great. When the boys strutted out onstage I shrieked & clapped like a good little fan 4 people back from the stage. My camera at the ready, I sang along to every song and nearly died watching James smile down on all of us. I mean – he was SO happy… normally I'd say that a smile like that could only result from a groupie or a joint or both – but the innocence that this boy projects… well, I couldn't (and didn't at the time) even consider so cynical an explanation. The show was just +/- 2 hours of pure unadulterated Brit Pop BLISS. Music may indeed have been saved... or at least my faith in it's power to charm me.

(I promise I'll get to the fantastic-ness that was this weekend by tomorrow… since I spilled my guts to half of you about it today anyhow, I figure you can wait on a formal write up)