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Ah. I haven't updated, I'm sorry... I suck. I meant to have a bunch of cool little "best of lists" that no one but me would really have cared about. I meant to detail the shock & horror of getting rear-ended AGAIN on Westchester Avenue & how proud I am of my tough little bug that she didn't so much as get a scratch on her bumper despite the fact that the idiot woman who hit me (while I was, again, STOPPED at a red light) had to be going at least 30 mph. I was gonna tell you all how I couldn't believe that I didn't end up in crazy pain like last time, and that I strongly suspect that in true sitcom fashion this second crash has managed to re-align my spine, thus reversing the damage done last year. I was going to go on to say how shocked / thrilled I was that I got to go on a last minute all-expense paid Vermont Ski trip last weekend. That it was -18 (without adding in the wind-chill) on my first day out on the slopes and that it was necessary to continually check each other for FROSTBITE. I would have gone on & on about my lessons & how I graduated from level 4 & got to go on the BIG mountain for my level 5 class... how incredible my improvement was & that I'm incredibly close to skiing parallel now... a feat that has eluded me entirely over my 20 year ski career. I would have also mentioned how ridiculous it was for me to go up on the highest peak on the coldest day & attempt to ski down solid ice. Blue Ice. Where you could HEAR the water running below layer upon layer of slick iciness. I might have mentioned how I rode a T-bar for the first time ever & promptly fell off before I even hit the mid station, or how I fell twice during my level 5 lesson, but that the falling was actually a good thing as it eliminated the fear of falling I had developed over the years. I should also have noted that the bruises I sustained on my shins from showing the mountain no mercy are finally starting to fade.

Speaking of Shins... I will abandon my "what I would have written" ploy & move on to more recent events: I went to the Shins show Friday night. Now, I am not all that familiar with the boys - I know that certain friends of mine rave about them and I've bounced & hummed along to a few of their songs. I dig on them, but I think their debut album outshines their sophomore effort (how novel). The show was a lot of fun. The guys are energetic & honestly happy to be there (which is a refreshing thing in the NY music scene where it is often considered cool to look as bored as humanly possible onstage), the songs are even catchier in person, and some freak brought a giant cluster of mylar star shaped balloons reading "Happy New Year". The balloon was bright, shiny & distracting in the most perfect way...it made it's flirtatious decent over the lyrics ending, "two loose kites falling from the sky" and then floated onstage as the band serenaded it, "drawn to the ground and an end to flight". It really was pretty trippy...kinda made me feel high. Now, while at the show it's important to note that I saw the most beautiful boy EVER. EV. ER. He was actually helping me hold the wall up (stage left) for a while. I turned my head & almost choked on my salivating tongue. He was like the perfect cross between Jordan Catalano and This Guy.
And now , I'd like to present you once again with "A dialogue with my inner Gollum"

I should talk to him
no! you can't! He's like a model or something, they're like a different SPECIES, and they don't speak psuedo-indie-dork anyways
But still, I should say SOMETHING
riiiight. like what?
Like, after the show just tell him he's beautiful. Just put it out there as I'm walking away, not for a response, but because it deserves to be said.
uh huh, whatevs. you can NOT be serious
why not? Guys do shit like that all the time!
okay, do it. ha. it'll be a laugh at the very least
screw you. I'm gonna do it. woo hoo! I'm fearless!
sippin' from my beer cup, sippin' from my water cup, wall dance, wall dance, don't look over at the...
"So you're double fisting it there?"
OMG he just spoke to us!!!
oh, yeah... not really though, this one's water
wow, I am the dullest person alive
"well, that's pretty sad as far as double fisting goes, but you get points for looking like you're hardcore." *Flashes huge, wonderful, toothy smile*
Swoon, swoon, oh god let me think of something interesting to say

Well, god was nowhere to be found. We shouted a few more lines at each other about why I had water, and how hot it was in the middle of the crowd. Not that he could have really heard me had I come up with something brilliant to say... we bumped arms & smiled a few more times before we were separated by the crowd. I seriously considered posting a missed connection - but let's face it... the boy & I were 20,000 leagues apart, and the opportunity was there if he'd been remotely interested. Do they have a "seriously botched connections" board somewhere? I would definitely post there.


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Jan. 20th, 2004 04:47 pm (UTC)
you should have faked like someone bumped into you and thrown yourself on the boy... the smiled kinda coy-like ... hehe.

Jan. 23rd, 2004 01:47 pm (UTC)
hey baby girl
lol, that never quite pans out the way it does in Romantic Comedies... He'd prolly have dropped me & dance on my head :-P

We DO need to keep in touch better... I mean when Fi starts touring, you need to feel completely comfortable with strolling into my apartment & planting yourself on the couch ;)

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