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I should start with Return of the King, and I suppose by talking about it now I already am, but to tell the truth I'm still a little numb. I had a brilliant time on my cinematic journey - but I think I need to see it again before I start raving about it publicly. I think I was so anxious about seeing it that I didn't get to fully relax & enjoy it for it's own sake. Do you know what I mean? I'm still giving my children Middle Earthen names. I think they're incredibly beautiful, the perfect mix of Celtic & Old English (leave it to a linguistics professor). But I think that's all I'm going to say about that for now. Well, that & I'd like to reiterate for the record that I will marry Legolas & have his Elf-babies. You're all invited to the wedding ;) Also, despite the visibility problem it would likely create, Orlando Bloom should really consider bleaching his hair out. He really does look fantastic as a platinum blonde. (okay, so he's pretty damn hot any way you paint him…)

Moving on. Shall we discuss Tuesday night & my return to the music scene after nearly a month in Hiatus? Stellastarr* & Placebo at Webster Hall. Well, minus Placebo, 'cause I didn't stay. Instead I rushed on over to Sin-e to see what Vicious had up it's sleeve. (What? You thought I'd actually miss one!! Sacre Bleu!) Got to Webster Hall & hopped on the monster line outside. Ran smack into Boy 5 & waited on line with him (& eventually his plus one - he's cool enough to be on the list) still no sexual tension, but as always, he was fun to chat with. Got inside & found Jilly Bean :) Ran into Giulia & Seth, traded a giant hug with Erica, texted with Steve until he found our spot in the crowd & settled in for SS*'s set - which, was really great. They really jammed out a lot which was a nice change of pace, but it just wasn't as much fun as the Bowery gigs or even N6. Yes, it was largely a Placebo crowd, but even so... things have just changed. Everyone wasn't standing together & screaming the words and the boys were so tame - no jumping around all crazy-like. Boy D was supposed to be there, but I didn't see him ahead of time, I did see him. Afterwards we hung around for a bit trying to convince ourselves to stay for Placebo, but the hordes of High-Schoolers were closing in & we decided to spilt. While waiting for Jill at the coat check I ran into Boy D & his little blonde chippie of the evening. Glad to see that everything's back to normal & he's chasing socialites again. *insert eye roll* He asked if she & I hadn't met at the party... if *maybe* I had come late. WTF!!! You know very well we didn't meet, you KNOW she was long gone by the time I got there & you KNOW that I got there late & stayed late because YOUR TONGUE WAS DOWN MY THROAT on your way home!!! Thank you. So please, please SHUT UP. /rant
Now the really weird thing was that he said he missed SS*'s set & I could swear I saw him up there. Also, and I REALLY don't want to admit this, he looked good. Really good. Better that I would have liked to have seen him looking. Damn it. I wasn't going to go into another rant so quickly here, but I can't help it...
I am well versed in the art of making out with guy friends on the odd & usually drunken occasion. Back in the day I was such the kissing bandit that I earned a largely unwarranted reputation around town that I am just now starting to live down. So, really I'm pretty good at the whole "wink, nod, go on like nothing happened" course of action, but for whatever reason, I'm seriously struggling with this situation. I'm guessing that it's because he's there with a DATE. Because while seeing any of my boys for the first time since a drunken hookup is generally a little nerve wracking, certainly none of them brought a DATE along on the excursion. Actually none of them really "dated" at all. Which worked out fine for me. I dunno. It's kind of like walking p to someone and saying "Hey, you're great to have around when I'm drunk/horny and all, but not really worth my time or effort when I'm sober, sorry 'bout that. oh, and PS? She IS." /rant

So yeah, he pretty much pissed me off - but I shook it off & went onto Vicious, where I missed Surefire (our little Starsailor fans are all grow'd up & in a band! - okay maybe not ALL grow'd up...) but caught up with Audrey, Jasper, Dennis, Jinners & Amy (look I have a friend without a blog!!) and then was treated to a set by The Blondes, Inc. featuring dreamy Sin-e booking agent, Bill Britelle. I have to say, all dreaminess aside, I really liked their set. They were just a lot of fun, plus the singer sounds like Billy Corgan (and occasionally like Hamilton Walkmen, though no one really agrees with me there, but I'm right dammit – even if it's just in the one song) In the inbetween time, Jasper outted my blogging to Steve - who had been completely clueless that this lj existed. I felt kinda bad for not telling him myself, but I really didn't think he'd be all that interested in reading about the boys. Jasper asked me why I had been hiding it & Jinners chimed in that that she'd found me out too. It's really a little weird knowing that other people are reading. That's probably why I don't talk about having it - I write about people I know... things could get a little out of hand if the wrong people started reading, you know? eh, I suppose they'd just have to get over it ala Boy2... Anyhow, I just think it's funny. 2 weeks ago I was convinced that no one was reading at all. I mean I haven't had a comment in months... and now I see that there *are* people skulking about in the shadows of my journal. Heh. How do ya like them apples?

This just in… had a ridiculous conversation with Boy D about the chippie. I promise to get into it tomorrow, but for now let me just say this: obviously the boy is a lot more screwed up than I originally thought he was. Yeah. Now, for a normal girl, that would be a deterrent. *sigh* Oh how I wish I were normal…