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Dear Lord! People are actually reading this!!?

I suppose that means I should occasionally keep up with myself & post on a more regular basis. Or not…

Um, okay... where did we leave off last time? Oh yes. When we last met I was supposed to be going to The Realistics sow at Irving. Now originally boy 2 was supposed to go with me. He promptly cancelled about a week after we made the plans. (It was apparently his gay lover's birthday) I, however, was still supposed to go. Except that I didn't. I was SO tired, and the black mucus of death was getting worse & I was picturing the condition of my lungs after the 1-2 punch combination of Irving & the birthday parties. So I decided to forgo the show & sleep, resting up for what was *supposed* to be an all out rager of a weekend.
However... that very weekend the heavens opened up and dumped about a foot & a half of snow on my little head; thereby throwing a cold, wet wrench into my carefully laid plans. So, need I even say that since the snow started a-falling midday on Friday A) I bought nary a present and 2) my chances of getting to Brooklyn grew slimmer with every inch that fell outside. As it was, by five the roads were a wreck & it took me eighty million years to get home. I did, however, finally turn my cell phone back on & noticed that I had a voicemail. From Boy2. From Thursday night. Of COURSE. *much ado about eye-rolling*. He thought I was at the show, he thought we should hang out. Well, I took the opportunity to ring him back & see if the party was still on. It was. I expressed my lament over not being able to get there, he asked about the rest of my weekend, we discovered we bother were supposed to be in the EV Sat night & planned to meet up. The End.

Much boring stuck-in-the-house-Friday-night-television.

3AM. Jonathan calls. LOL. He's driving home from DC, he's smashed, he's on his cell and it's snowing like crazy. I swear he only calls b/c he likes to rattle me. Also, he thinks I should move to the greater DC area & live with him. ROFL. I adore that boy so much. It would seriously break my heart if anything ever happened to him. A couple of days ago I had a chat with Maggie about him wherein I described my attitude towards Jonathan & his Jonathan-isms. I said that I take nothing he says seriously, but everything he says to heart. If you know him, or anyone like him, you know what I mean. :)

Anyhow, Saturday rolled around & the roads were not much better, but I was going to lose my mind if I stayed inside any longer, soooooo... I dug the bug out, drove to the train station, took the (15minutes behind schedule) train to GC, waited a millennium for the 6 train, took it to Astor place & froze my ass off walking to the bar.

I walked in the bar (which was dead, save for us) and saw a few people I knew, but no Boy D. So I unwrapped myself & went to get a drink at the bar, when all of a sudden I'm off the ground & being swung around. lol. Hi there Boy D, guess somebody's in a good mood (read: drunk off his ass)! Anyhow, I was all kinds of discombobulated and I started going on & on about my two hour trip to the bar & blah, blah, snow cakes, when it occurred to me that I hadn't actually said "hello". So I stopped short, looked at him & was like, "Hi" :) "Happy Birthday" and I went to kiss him hello on the cheek... and he just grabbed my face & kissed me! (and yes, we are talking Francais) I was SO not ready for that... all this time that I've been thinking about kissing him & I was just caught totally unawares.

SO. That was kiss "A".

From there we were all just hanging out, no shades of acknowledging that there had been tongue where no tongue had gone before. We collectively finished our drinks, and then went to get dinner. Afterwards we broke up the band & everyone was off in different directions. Now since I was supposed to maybe meet up with Boy 2, I gave him a ring - but reached out & touched his voice mail instead, so I went back to the bar with Boy D to hang with whatever riff-raff had stuck around & not joined us for dinner. We were hanging out with this BOMBED British girl that he'd just met last week & her brother (who was very cute btw) & friends. Just hanging out, but he kept hugging me - which is odd for him.

We ended up sharing a cab, me to Grand Central, him farther uptown. In the cab he grabs the glove off my hand & starts rubbing my fingers between his hands (presumably to warm it up, although HELLO, it was in a glove... it was already warmer than his bare hand). So we're doing what I affectionately call "the hand thing", and he lies down in my lap. (Yeeeah - despite his having maintained clear speech & the ability to walk un-aided, I'm thinking he's gonna pass out or puke on my shoes.) So I'm smoothing back his hair & telling him he'll be home soon and HELLO -- his hands are working their way up my coat & under my sweater. I can't help laughing to myself here, I mean; this can't actually be going down like this, can it? A few months ago I had a dream about us making out in a cab... and now, well, hmmn. Right. So, he gets a phone call & has to sit up to answer it and although he takes it as briefly as humanly possible, we're at GC by the time he's hung up. He insists on paying for the cab, I say goodnight & boom. He's kissing me again. This is better. I saw this one coming. It's a nice long kiss, & my hat actually falls off - it's very cinematic: the city, the storm, the farewell kiss... we break it off, he puts my hat back on my head, I step out on to the side walk, the cab pulls away and we wave goodbye as the snow falls on the nearly deserted street... and cut! print! Kiss "2" is a wrap! Sometimes it's actually good to be me.

I have 40 minutes to kill until my train. So of course I call Boy 2 back. I offer an ultimatum up to his voice mail: call me back in the next half hour or else I'm Westchester-bound. I wander around chain smoking in the snow and hop on the train. As I'm passing 125th street my phone rings. OF COURSE. "Hey, where are you?" Yeeeah, I'm in Harlem & I'm suburbia-bound. *Much ado about head shaking* It's all good. One boy per night is plenty for me ;) /weekend. Nothing even remotely interesting has happened since then except for last night, which will have to be discussed tomorrow in tandem with what are sure to be my ravings about RoTK.