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This is my head, you're in my world...

and oh what a bizarre place it is.

So, this is the way my life works: I rant about being bored to tears by the boys & not seeing them nearly enough to sustain any kind of interest, and the very next day I get invited to two parties.

It is the way of the soap opera that is my life. Boy 2 & Boy D invited me to birthday parties. But by "invited" I hope you're not picturing me attending either event *with* either boy. It's more like they each handed me an invitation. Friday & Saturday night respectively & I'm actually considering attending both. I'm a sick, sick woman I tell you... and I'm not just talking about the hacking cough of death. Why is it that I can NOT stick to my guns once I write someone off? Because I am weak, extremely susceptible to flattery & I long for liquor to flow freely through my veins, that's why. And in entwining myself in this mess of weekend plans, I'm basically ensuring the long life of this godforsaken cold AND I have to get birthday presents. I was going to buy this awesome set of cufflinks for boy D, until I found out they're like $100. Damn it all to hell. Now I'm setting out on a mission to make my own. As for the other birthday celebration, I need to find something with Ben Affleck on it. I trust that will go over well.

Oh, and check THIS out. I'm officially a journalist of the RAWK variety. lol. Could you die? Go read my article, then go tell everyone you know to read it =) then tell me how awesome it is. Lie if necessary ;)



Dec. 21st, 2003 04:09 pm (UTC)
I'm still making the LiveJournal? Sweet! Let's hang out.

-Boy 2