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Ah, Thanksgiving. It's a special time of year. Filled with Family & friends & gin & pie & wait... did somebody say GIN?

Now you're starting to focus in on how I spent my holiday... Totally psyched for Thanksgiving Eve, that magical night that turns everyone into a townie & is always good for the latest gossip & a few alcohol induced "true confessions". Arrived at Billy & Courtney's swank pre-gaming extravaganza around 9 pm with Laura & Scott in tow. My brand new RL sweater paid off in a big way - the compliments were bountiful & apparently, I looked fabulous. (yay, fabulous was exactly what I was going for) Having heard raves about the appetizers from Tara, I skipped out on dinner at home & dove into the Tanqueray as soon as I got there. Two GT's later & I was already pushing my sobriety envelope... there are quite a few conversations & details that I'm a little fuzzy on.
For instance; there may have been beer after the GT's, I'm not sure I got to talk to Dyana at all, there's a good possibility that Pierre Fuller is fluent in Japanese, I'm fairly sure that I told Brian Durniak that Elbow made me cry, and I have pictures on my camera that I don't recall taking...

At about 11 I made my way over to Piper's with Bobby & sure enough...the gang was all there :) Saw Ted & Jill & Dave, saw Sue Nixon & was shocked to find her in remission from a rather rare form of cancer... um, HELLO? Why didn't anyone tell me she was sick!!!? I felt so horribly embarrassed that I hadn't known... but more importantly, I was thrilled that she's in remission, regaining her strength & still has such a positive outlook on life. I mean, it just really knocked me for a loop - someone my age with cancer? It just doesn't seem possible - I guess we just live such sheltered lives. Saw Kris. Teased him a little about our not talking. Talked to him A. LOT. Not exactly sure what all what said, kinda think I might not want to know. lol. Picked up my sister around 12:30 & brought her back to Piper's. Not sure how I did that, prolly shouldn't have been driving, but I really wasn't *that* bad off yet... Audra spent most of her time chatting with Kris; I wandered off & ran into "Bobby my crush from the bank" who was promoted away from the bank I frequent for work over a year & half ago. Damn. I forgot how cute he is. We actually talked for a long time, which was nice, but I broke off our discussion to say hello to some old friends from High School (Debbie Fillis is going to Yale grad school to save the world because apparently the peace core didn't work) and never quite made it back to him. There were a bunch more beers involved, some more conversations & pictures I don't remember with Kris, Jill, Dave, Ted & Audra. Then I called it quits. (Audra drove us home) Kris hugged me goodbye. It was a really nice hug. It's odd that I can really remember it despite how foggy the rest of the evening was. *sigh* This is what people mean when they say "that's life"; I know we can't be together, and I know we can't be just friends, but I know that he cares about me, and mostly that's enough for me... but it that doesn't stop me from missing his presence in my life.

Okay, okay, enough with getting all mushy about the ex. Thanksgiving. Wow. Hangover from hell combined with my current plague of coughing up the phlegm of death = miserableness. *warning. the following description will be of a graphic & possibly nausea-inducing nature* While attempting to breath I got some gunk stuck in the back of my throat, so of course I proceeded to alternately gasp for air & gag on the nasty bit of phlegm until finally I vomited up the lugey, the Excedrin I took upon waking, some cough medicine I had downed before my shower & much of the alcohol still hanging out in my stomach from the night before. Oh. Yeah. I was miserable. On top of that, inane traffic & some lousy directions from my cousin made what should have been a 45 minute trip into a 2 hour tour of Putnam county. Turkey was good. Saw Finding Nemo for the first time (definitely cute, but c'mon... I'm thinking the press went a little overboard on the kudos), had some pie, got home & settled in with my extended edition of the Two Towers. A Thanksgiving well done if I do say so myself. :)

I'll eventually offer up a special report on the wedding of the century, but at them moment, I'm over it, over them, over the he-said she-said gossip, over it all. I'm just sick of it & I'd like to go back to how things were over the majority of my year wherein my life was generally not disrupted by the inane antics of a sophomoric couple & their flamboyant wedding. There was a serenity to my life then that I didn't fully appreciate... probably mostly due to the fact that people were still nervous about talking to me about them. Now that they share openly, I kinda wish I could put the genie back in the bottle - ya know what I mean? I realize that I jumped on the bandwagon & was temporarily plagued with insatiable curiosity... but here's me officially getting the hell off.

I'm DONE. In so Very. Many. Ways.