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And i can't be what i am not...

Vicious was on the rough side for me Tuesday night... I was just plain exhausted. Half the time I was there I could hear my pillow mocking me all the way from Westchester. But I *am* glad I went... I got there kind of late, so I missed Scout's performance & I'm rather disappointed that I did... I had heard a lot of good things & was anxious to check them out for myself.

There were a lot of the usual suspects hanging about... obviously Audrey & Jasper, but also Jinners, Jo, Amy, Ashley, Laura (if you can believe it... although she ditched out to go marry some boy named Sondre), I thought I saw Boy5 hanging about, but never confirmed that, a little later on Greg showed up as did Giulia, Sarah, Shannon & Steve. It was really good to see everyone... I feel like such a leper for not being out in so long, but you know: blah, blah, plaque cakes...

Dirty on Purpose put on a lovely set - they're growing on me like some kind of weed or fungus & they're all so NICE, George, Doug, Joe, Erika, DJ. Now - if I only knew which was which... hmmn. I have a sneaking suspicion that Doug is the adorable, slightly balding bass player who's dating the teeny tiny Asian girl from 64 World's Fair... but I could be way off bass there. Erika, being the token chick is a dead give away. Uh, aside from that I'm at a loss. I think that Joe might be the taller, lankier guitar player, but really, I have no idea. If it *is* Joe, I refer to him as "Yo-Yo Boy" and he refers to me as "girl with a new beetle that has an ipod". We've been introduced a bunch of times, but for some reason, our names aren't sticking. Now I don't think I've actually met the drummer yet - which is probably a good thing. He's cute AND he's their lead singer - how HAWT is that!! I love to see a boy on vocals from behind a kit, it's just so unexpected... but yeah, obviously I would end up throwing myself at the boy, so probably good that we've not met. I *am* a little sweet on George... if George is who I think he is. But it's not even a baby crush yet - I just like him in that tall lanky musician who talks to me & smiles a lot kind of way. Last night his throat was sore so he was throwing back WHISKEY Tea. I am not making this up. He made a point of telling me to come & stand with him & the "cool kids" so as not to damage my rep by standing alone. Also we were drooling over a 4 door Chevy Malibu that was that brilliant 70's red with a tan racing stripe... so yeah, he's a little fun.

After DoP was "PS". Which stood for "ps - you coulda skipped this one". Not that they were all that terrible mind you, I just wasn't in the mood for their not-quite-radiohead-ness. I was DYING to ditch out, but instead I continued my stay outside of Sin-e with Ashley Wicked & John & Gerry ALF. John ALF has cut some of his flock of Seagulls hair. Its still really high, but it's shaved on the sides now, which I think is an improvement, but he's not all that comfortable with yet. Gerry ALF is cute. :) He remind me of Alex Winter & has a really nice smile & the cutest indie boy hair cut (his, uh, "bangs", come to a point in the center of his face) - back in the day I used to have a HUGE thing for floppy blonde hair boys... guess I still do ;o)

In between sets, my most favorite fedora-wearing rock-star took a turn as "KidFantastic" dj-extroadinaire. I worshipped him alot for kicking off his post DoP set with "Fascination Street" - It was just sublimely suited for the moment. And then he broke out the George Michael pre-ALF & I had to worship him all over again. I her he's playing a solo set at Sin-e next Monday, so I'll likely check that out. After all, he *did* let me interview his ass for the NEVERGOINGTOSEEHTELIGHTOFDAY forth-coming publication that BQ & co are putting together :) AND there's a fairly pervasive rumor that He's gonna bust out with a cover of "Faith" - so, yeah... I'll be there :)

Before ALF went on, I finally found Alex, or rather he found me... Alex, Alex Tween had emailed me last week about coming to vicious, but not seeing him 3/4 of the way through the evening I pretty much gave up on him until he appeared at my side. We chit chatted a bunch more than we've been able to at any of his shows, gave him the skinny on the townies he knew & loved, he updated me on the life & times of Mr. Jaime McAdams - a boy a had a WICKED crush on when I was like, uh, 14? Lol. I introduced him to Jasper (they'd corresponded last spring & J actually photoblogged one of their sets back in March, but they'd never actually met) and the two traded enthusiastic compliments & Jasper threw out the possibility of having The Forms play a Vicious in the not-so-distant future, so yay to me for making a connection. Speaking of The Forms, I have to say that every time I hear one of their songs surface on my ipod I like them more & more... :) I really do hope they'll play for Jasper & Audrey soon... they're playing the Merc again on Wednesday, but it's Thanksgiving Eve & we know that means my ass will be getting drunk at Molly's , so I'll have to wait my turn to see them again.

ALF was loud & fantastic, as per euj... I am thinking more & more about my earlier comparison of Wade's voice to the kid from The Music. It's not just him. It's the band. Aerial Love Feed *IS* New York's answer to The Music. I'm actually shocked that some rock writer hasn't come along and announced this yet. They're virtually the same band. Except that for whatever reason, The Music are much bigger at the moment & they remind me in some odd way of Led Zeppelin.

Um, I didn't stick around for The Rocks, a last minute British addition to the line up (I know, I know, you'd think I'd be all over any kind of British musicians, right?). I just couldn't do it... the night was running long as it was. So I packed it in at 12:30 & made the long trek home. My pillow was VERY happy to see me & we lived happily ever after.... until the evil alarm clock of doom woke me up.