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My badly strung declaration...

I suppose I neglected to mention that I was going on Hiatus...

Perhaps Hiatus is the wrong word - something about its syntax seems to imply forethought, a planned absence if you will, in which case, its use would be inappropriate here. I did not plan to forgo journaling for this long... it was simply the result of getting sick, getting lazy & getting hung over (in that order).

And so, without further ado, let me return you to your regularly scheduled programming:

(...the continuing saga of CMJ)

Ditched out of work as early as I could muster. Got down to Pianos at about 6:30... made it into the already packed back room, found Steve, found Vince & Dave, got comfy, dug out my freshly batteried camera & waited anxiously while the giddy anticipation that had been building up all day washed over me.

Guy & the rest of Elbow literally "elbowed" their way to the stage & started it up with Red. *Instant happiness* It was so incredible to be standing 5 feet from them playing on this tiny stage, amazing in a way i will never ever be able to describe. In between songs Guy kept us all in stitches while the band's trusty tech-girl-woman flitted about the stage tweaking & tuning as she went. I took a good bazillion pictures, (mostly of Guy - blame my location & the fact that he was the only one who was consistently well lit) But *the* moment for me happened during their rendition of "Newborn" (which some of you might recognize as my FAVORITE elbow song bar none). Now, one of the reasons I enjoy Newborn so much is the incredible emotional build up that pushes through to the song's climax. To hear it live is always affecting, but even on the album, its the most wonderful release, a melodic orgasm if you will... But here, in this tiny, intimate setting, the finale simply did me in. Guy's was transformed; his face contorted with pained expressions, his voice nearly bleeding with each passionate plea. His honesty in the moment was just so raw, so unabashed, that it actually HURT me, hurt my heart, to witness it . Suddenly there was a lump in my throat, and there I was, fervently sloshing away the tears from my face. I have never cried before at a show, and I think it may be a long while before I do again...

After Elbow, nothing much mattered... I went upstairs to check out Jasper's fantastic exhibit, headed out for a some dinner ( & a couple pitchers - duh) with Vince, Dave, Steve & co. Afterwards I met up with Audrey & Amy at the Bowery for Elefant, Radio 4 & Carlos' fabulous d-jing. Now, re: elefant... Carlos has, in general, frightened me with his odd Morrison-esque rants, flailing arms & ziggy stardust beauty routine. Having said that... he's HOT. He has a way of singing to the girls up front, that seriously melts your fucking knees. The man is pure sex poured into tight jeans & good goddamn! that's all I have to say about that.
Radio 4 was fantastic as per euj, and I only made it through maybe 3 Carlos songs before bidding the bowery a fond farewell.

...here ends the update.

CMJ Saturday, the boys (numbered, lettered & what have you), my exquisite return to the great white way & more to come. Tonight is Vicious, if I ever get there...