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She only went and did what she did, 'Cause he would drive her home then...

I know, I know. I still need to get to the rest of CMJ & The Strokes & The Ex's crawling out of the woodwork, & the dubious return of boy 2... But put a cork in it, 'cause it's gonna hafta wait.


Oh my. The day started innocently enough with my wondering if I should even go out considering my increasing variety of pre-plague symptoms. A bowl of Matzoh Ball soup, several well-chosen antihistamines & several hours later I was raring to go. Dug out the Strawberry Shortcake costume from high school, picked up a pair of red & white striped tights from Hot Topic (Yes, yes, I am well over the age of 21 and found myself in that store) some Country Apple spray from Bath & Body Works and I was all set. We won't talk about how foolish it was of me to try and take the West Side Highway on Halloween... but eventually I would up smack in the middle of the west village, attempting to track down Jill & Co. I get out of the car & try to grab some stuff out of the trunk, "Hey Strawberry Shortcake!!!". And so it began. We're all supposed to get 15 minutes of fame right? Well, this may have been mine. I was pretty much a celebrity walking down the street. I couldn't get 10 steps without some one stopping me, high-fiving me, calling out to me... I felt like I was in a parade of one, waving to all the people as I made my way to the bar. Over the course of the evening at least 7 random people asked to take pictures with me. And it just was so strange. Girls gushing, "Oh my god! You're my FAVORITE!!" or "I loved you SO much when I was little". Um, hey... I'm not *really* a cartoon or a doll (okay, I *am* a doll, but that's not the point :oP). Bets pick-up line of the night? "Hey Strawberry Shortcake. I'd sure like to eat you!" Yeah. That's the kind of night this was... A few Gin & Tonics later, I had found Jill (& yay! Crissy & Dave !!) at a bar who's name I cannot begin to recall. Jill, btw was "a Stripper & her Pole" It was fucking hilarious. There were a lot more Gin & Tonic's & a lot of pictures of various girls kissing, a few more pictures with my fans & then it was on to Clancey's. Now, here is a lovely Irish bar where the entire staff knows & loves my adorable Jill. Enter the free drinks, exit my mind...

Okay, I'm warning you now, the rest of the story gets rather sordid. So if some of you *cough* bq *cough* don't think you can deal with that, feel free to skip down a bit ;)

now at some point in the evening Boy A and I had been playing phonetag, well, the next thing I know it's somewhere around 4 in the morning & I'm in Park Slope. I remember getting there, I remember walking in on his roommate in the bathroom in her bra & panties, I remember telling him I could only stay a few hours, just long enough to sober up... riiiight. What's wrong with this picture? How did I fucking end up Blotto in Brooklyn? Jeezus Christ, I just wanted to pass out and here was this boy on top of me & I'm pretty much thinking, "If I let him fuck me, then he'll leave me alone & I can get some sleep". And that's just about what happened. I barely remember the sex, I was passing in & out of consciousness. I honestly couldn't tell you if it was good or not... I don't think it hurt; I don't think I could feel much of anything at that point. It simply was. And then apparently it was over & next thing I know it was 9:30 and I had two parking tickets. Great. At least there were no hickeys this time. But oh how sad to see Strawberry make the walk/drive of shame... things like that should just NOT happen to childhood idols...

Another round of mini rants by yours truly:

A. I'm really beginning to doubt that sex is something I want to pursue any longer... it's just NOT fun at all for me anymore, how sad!! Of course it *could* just be my current company, but I'm beginning to think that it's just going to suck for ever - that I will have a string of ho-hum -- "could've been home with a vibrator" -- sex that stretches out from here until infinity - or lesbianism, whichever comes first. But I shouldn't let my theory go untested... so, somebody prove me wrong. Volunteers will be, uh, "well compensated" for their efforts :oP

2. What kind of guy fucks a girl who's passing in & out of consciousness? That's simply not cool. I don't care how horny you are, or that she simply appeared on your doorstep at 4 in the morning... if she's telling you she needs to pass out, maybe you should just LET HER.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming:
SATURDAY. After dragging my ass home I promptly passed out again until about 2:30 or so. I didn't leave the house again (or do anything remotely productive) until 10, wherein I decided to cruise back downtown to catch The Walkmen @ The Knitting Factory. SO tired, but somehow caught my second wind and was alive again about 2 songs into the set. A. Hamilton cut off all of his hair & is just frightening now.
2. I am madly in love with Paul. Yes, it's because he does the smiling thing. I stood on the right side of the stage specifically because I know it's his side, and sure enough, there he was beaming his adorable smile. It so rarely happens that you catch an indie rock boy smiling onstage, that his smiling in and of itself would be enough to delight me, but the real kicker is when he smiles AT me. No, I am not making this up, and no, it's not just me. He looks down into the audience & if he sees you smiling, he smiles back - and it's wonderful =) And it works in the reverse too... if you're looking up at him & he's looking at you & smiling, you can't HELP but smile back, his smile is just *that* infectious. I want to take him home & put him on a shelf to smile for me always. (okay maybe I'll occasionally let him down to play guitar or piano...) *sigh* Of course he's the only married one. LOL.

ANYhow... the set & both encores were great. Despite the fact that it was their 3rd show that evening, the boys were pumped & full of energy. Scary haircut aside, Hamilton was fantastic... I am in such awe of his voice, it's beautiful, even when he's screaming like a little emo girl. Heh. I took a good 30 pictures that I've yet to go through, but some of them are pretty fantastic, I'll post them when I get the chance :) [okay they're up] Met up with Rachel & Jinners after the show, met the illustrious Bidi, made my way home & AH... passed out alone in my sweet, sweet bed.



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Nov. 3rd, 2003 07:10 pm (UTC)
Did somebody ask for volunteers?...

Girl, I am booking my flight right now.

Seriously, though... unconscious sex with some asshole who has sex with unconscious girls is no reason to doubt you can ever have good sex. And yeah, that was seriously completely inappropriate and disgusting what he did. I don't think you ever have to give him the time of day again.
Nov. 3rd, 2003 07:40 pm (UTC)
you would make one sexy strawberry shortcake. mmmmm. *lick*
Nov. 4th, 2003 06:48 am (UTC)
*mwah* Aw, I heart my Marci ;)

And Kev - you *are* coming to NYC soon anyways right? :oP

But seriously... it was just a bad judgement call on my part. I should have just gone home or crashed in Midtown with Jill. Am I annoyed with him? Sure. But not half annoyed as I am with myself... *shrug*
( 3 spankings — spank your inner moppet )