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Brilliantine mortality...

Okay... not that this should surprise anyone, but I'm starting to feel sick. My throat is all scratchy this morning & since I wasn't giving out blowjobs last night - that pretty much means the plague is a knockin on my door. boo. I am taking tonight off, so that I may heal because I am not the kinda girl who takes kindly to missing Halloween. So listen up body & get a grip - 'Cause I'm going to motherfucker tomorrow night & you best not be draggin me down. /public health bulletin

so, right. I haven't updated in a week & I have pages upon pages of material to work with here... hmmn. let's start with more CMJ & see how far we get... perhaps a series of smaller posts would be best?

*Thursday* (The Trifecta)

Got down to Virgin in time to see The Shins signing cd's & various members of Stellastarr* milling about. Bumped into the usual suspects (Aud, Greg, Jill, Giulia) met a few new peeps, watched ss** rock out to about 6 songs - which was more than twice what I thought they'd play, so rock on! The acoustics weren't ideal - so half the songs sounded great & the other half were shitty with some serious reverberation issues. Drove the bloggerettes + Greg over to the Bowery to catch British Sea Power - with whom I am now completely enamored. The onstage wackiness is indeed wacky, but the music & the energy was so utterly engaging that nothing else seemed to matter. That and jeezus H. christ if you can't see David Bowie standing before you when you close your eyes... wow.

Now for the beginning of the "why the Mercury Lounge sucks donkey balls" saga... Steve tried in vain to pick up Calla tickets earlier on in the day. They weren't doing advanced sales AT ALL. But we figured we'd take a chance anyhow & I headed over with Audrey, Greg & Steve to find that there were 2 lines, one for badges, and one for guest list. So basically I was SOL. :-/ To make matters appallingly worse they were actually CHARGING people with badges - and it was motherfucking cold, so Aud, Greg & I left in search of a kinder, gentler, WARMER venue. Namely Pianos & the SPiN party. Now I was not on the list for the SPiN Party & I knew it. (Now I adore Sarah, but she & I aren't exactly what you'd call tight... she's finally starting to remember my name though - which I suppose is a step in the right direction.) But Audrey, being the beautiful schemer that she is thought that since we were early we stand a chance of sneaking me upstairs before they started checking the list... Well, hey, it was worth a try, but *buzzer sound* thanks for playing, better luck next time. It was just as well... by the time I got home my bed was looking pretty damn good.

Stay tuned for Friday & Saturday's installments, as well as the return of Boy2, and last weekend's update on the ex-situations...