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Yeah... I'm only one day into the marathon & I'm already tired. Mainly owing to my extending the marathon to Tuesday for myself by going to Stellastarr*'s taping of Last Call & then to Interpol @ Roseland. Yesterday I did laundry in lieu of attending Jasper's opening @ Piano's, but made it down to Sin-e in time to catch both Aerial Love Feed and Oxford Collapse. Got a little "doggie bag" from Kanine records... get it? Yeah. We all did. But fun stuff nonetheless. Spent half of ALF's set dancing ferociously with Ashley (who is in town all week & getting put up at the W times square - lucky girl!!) and the other half bobbing my head towards the back with Jill, Mike, Beth & Missy. Fun Times. I've decided that although I really enjoy ALF, I think they can look a little forced up on stage if they're not 110% into it. Also, the lead singer? Sounds exactly like the kid from The Music. I thought it at the Merc, but it was REALLY apparent last night. The space cleared out a little by the time O.C. went on (I owe this to the ENORMOUS amount of lag time between sets. If you can believe it, not only is CMJ starting on time, but it was actually running EARLY!!) But the boys put on a great set with a lot of energy. The opened & closed with my two favorites, "1991 Kids" and "Melting The Ice Queen" - and really, that & a cigarette is all a girl can really ask for.

Tonight's schedule is pretty tight: First stop the Virgin Mega Store in Union Square, for the much-hyped The Shins & my babies, Stellastarr*. Then it's off to the Bowery, for
Britsh Sea Power, and maybe a little Adam Green... although probably not much because I'm hoping that Steve will have scored me a ticket to the Merc for CALLA who I am *desperate* to see.

More tomorrow on the success of the three tiered plan, & I promise I'll eventually bless you all with a complete report of the weekend including my review of Interpol's Roseland debut, why Carson Daly is a TOOL, what watching boyD eat a blow pop reveals about him, and details on the recent swarm of exes. I'm gonna try for Sunday, but *shaking head* I fear I may have the plague by then. I can feel it already building up inside of me; waiting patiently for my immune levels to drop... it ain't going to be pretty ladies & gents.