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Okay… so where was I when we last met? Fresh from the country & bracing myself for Vicious #4? Okay, well, now I'm safely ensconced back in my little world of dark & (kinda) crowded venues. Vicious / Jasper's birthday party was great :o) (in honor of Jasper's b-day I will be linking to his band photos & reviews wherever possible) Pela was amazing, again. I actually bought their EP this time around & I'm SO happy I did. Also, they're hot. Okay well, Billy, Eric & Andrew are hot. Especially Eric, who is… surprise, surprise, Not the drummer :o) He plays bass. I should have tried to talk to him... instead I got introduced to Nate, their lead guitarist, who is like 5'3" maybe, and well, I'm trying to take a break from the short, short boys. Moving on... Sasha & The Possibilities were alright. They didn't dazzle me really, I kinda thought they sounded like a water-ed down, sugar coated version of the YYY's which, okay mini-rant here: you'd think I'd prefer their sound because truth be told, I'm not so much a fan of all the very raw sounding stuff nyc has been pumping out lately - I can only take it in small doses. This is probably why I'm enjoying this 80's synth-pop revival nonsense - it's easier to listen to. God! I sound like I'm eighty... do I really already feel the need for "easy listening"? how sad. /rant
I did LOVE Sasha's necklace which was staright out of Wilma Flinstone's jewelry box & just incredibly cute.
Hung around with miss jinners outside for a bit (who apparently had been attacked in a savage egging on her way to Vicious) and met Eric, lead singer & bassist for the band
Say Hi To Your Mom, that ms Jinners has been talking up lately. I've never heard them, so I have no idea if they're any good, but he was very sweet & we hung out a bunch & after reading their website's faq, I'm thinking he's prett damn funny too. Which is good, considering he writes for a living...

Asobi Seksu were fantastic. Yuki was all dressed up in the cutest mod outfit complete with go-go boots. And I was keyed up to see them. And I wasn't dissappointed. They have a few songs that actually *are* very MBV. And then some very 80's songs too as per requisite these days. But I liked them a lot & will probably buy something of theirs shortly.

During Asobi, Boy D, despite his self-imposed boycott of "the scene", showed up. Primarily, I am sure, because he knew that Michael Stellastarr & possibly other ss*'s were going to be in attendance. Sell out. lol. Anyhow, he showed up in a suit & looked damn fine :) He made short work of getting me a drink (he's just programmed that way - isn't that the cutest? See a girl without a drink, buy her one) and we chatted through part of their set & then a bunch more outside. Of course the outside conversation included Steve (who is now omnipresent in my life) and the newly met Eric. There was a lot of relationship semantics & a general overhaul of what is "guyness" vs. "girlness". But we got to some of the important nitty gritty... ie: he's selfish & likes being single, I don't trust people with penises & like being single. Okay, so now that we've effectively told each other we don't want to date, can we just have sex now? Please? thanks.

Back inside I run into Boy 5, who has shown up due to an anthrax scare at his apartment building. No, really. We chat a bit & try to decipher the oddness that is Tarantula. I call it "Fiddler on the Roof on Acid". There are nods of approval. Boy 5 decides they should score a film, I agree. I suggest a nouveau gangster film, Boy 5 thinks Tim Burton should direct. We then decide it should be a silent film, & finally decide on a silent film co-directed by Tim & Pedro Almodovar. lol. that was fun. but they were reminding me of another band that I couldn't remember to save my life. But I do now... it was Rasputina. Only less goth-y. Yay vicious for being a great night all around.

Boy 5 re-friendstered me his last message today because I told him friendster ate it (which it did, along with any other messages I got after 10/8) :) I *will* call Boy A this week about CMJ.

um... last night. Game Six. We're not even going to talk about the disaster that was that game. Instead, we're going to focus on Interpol because they're brilliant & we love them :) I went with Jill & some friends, got there in time to catch a bit of Elefant who are definitley growing on me. Or rather, Diego's bizareness bothers me less. Wound up stage left about 6 people back, directly in front of Carlos. Heh. His hair still cracks me up, but I think I'm starting to find him attractive. This worries me. I think it was the cardigan with the gun holster... but I could be wrong. Anyhow, the boys were very very good. The lighting at the Hammerstien is really excellent - I've never seen a show lit badly there. That's kind of a weird observation isn't it? Moving on... I liked the few new songs they peppered the set with (although I knew some of them as Sarah had been spinning about a week ago & treated us to a taste of the new album), and PDA was smack dab in the middle, so - yay Interpol not closing with their hit... Um, I missed most of the encore & second encore because I nearly passed out. 3rd time this year at a concert and it's starting to concern me... First was Radiohead (field day) then Q & Not U at Northsix last month, and now this. weird right? I'm thinking dehydration + really loud music + crowds = me getting tunnel vision & everything sounding like it's under water. Audrey (of course) knew where the after party was & I considered it, but given my sketchy state of consciousness, I decided to pass. This was not a good idea - primarily because on my way to the WS Hwy, I wound up on that one stupid road that forces you to go to New Jersey. That road is a menace. So, yes, I went home to westchester by way of Jersey, paid $6 to get back to the side of the river I never intended to leave in the first place... *shaking head* this kind of stuff only happens to me. lol

I'm taking a few days off before the marathon that will be Interpol + CMJ next week. I will be a ragged shell of a human by next Sunday, so I'm opting to sleep tonight (after the game of COURSE) despite the very tempting notion of catching Spiritualized at Northsix. No... tonight belongs to game 7. I will make my indie rock sacrafice at the alter of MLB and give up the band to watch the game from wherever I wind up. (We don't have to tell the baseball gods that I'm too tired to drag my ass to Brooklyn) Clemmens will save all, the city will sing with penant victory, and if we don't I will be VERY cranky tomorrow - don't even bother talking to me.


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Oct. 16th, 2003 10:39 pm (UTC)
Holy shit, I was going to make the same line my subject line for tonight's entry before I even read this. Freaky...
Oct. 17th, 2003 07:15 am (UTC)
oh, I'm not surprised. Interpol is brilliant. We are brilliant people. Therefore, we love Interpol. It's all very logical. Plus that's one of their best lines :)
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