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I can still let it go...

Last Week:

A. Radiohead was fucking FANtastic (check out the setlist) despite the ridiculously drunk guy in front of me who decided to become my friend. All of his sentences were punctuated with one of the two following phrases: "It's okay, I'm a nice guy." or "one time I spent 16 hours in jail". Thank god for the very nice couple sitting next to me :) Anyways... I don't care if other peeps (hello Lawrence) think that RH are talent less, boring hacks - there is NOTHING like seeing them live. Seriously, it's life altering. Especially when you spike with a vike for the full effect ;) oh, and I am really starting to fall for the song There There. Also... it's time to play "what are the fucking chances?!!". Madison Square Garden holds about 20,000 people for a concert. What are the chances that after the show you end up on the escalator directly behind the only other person (people) you know are there? Mind you that you were NOT sitting together, nor did you have any idea where they were sitting. Yeah. Miniscule chances there, teeniest of the tiny. But there in front of me on said escalator was Boy 2. We chatted outside for a bit before he & the gals split for Brooklyn & moseyed (sp?) on home. Not a word about last Saturday, he asked me to write for his zine - um - that was pretty much it. Apparently he was buzzin on coke...
"So I saw Radiohead at MSG last night. Madison Square Garden is a terrible venue for music, but Radiohead was: AWESOME! It also helped that Griffin blew cocaine up my ass in the men’s room before they went on. Consequently, I was 4 hours late for work this morning." [Seriously... would have linked , but Donovan's permanent linking is fucked up & non-functional.]
I dunno. It was nice to see him & all, but I'm bored with that situation. Its way too reminiscent of Matt circa '01 - been there, done that.

2. My mini-rant on men. I apologize to those of you who already received the brunt of this... but Come on!! Is the way to get a guy's attention really to ignore him? Because that seems to be the case. I was supposed to call Boy A back last week Friday night & then maybe on Saturday. I didn't. So, of course he calls ME Wednesday night offering up a Free Ticket to Yo La Tengo on Friday. I said maybe... then Thursday I said yes. I sold my last remaining Radiohead ticket on Thursday (immediately remorseful after seeing them again, but I *did* make $40 on the deal). Caught up with Boy A outside the Warsaw on Friday and... had a really decent time. I think I'm unnecessarily harsh on him because he actually expresses an interest in me -- thus, something MUST be wrong with him. (oh, OK, also because the one sex was truly bad) I mean, I was truly miserable on Friday... missing RH, stressed about the million things I had to do in the morning PRE-4 hour drive for the wedding, completely exhausted from a hellish day at work AND bleeding like it was my JOB... and he was great about it. He sat on the ground outside with me, pulled me up from the sidewalk, let me lean on him during Yo La's set... he didn't even balk too much when I cut out early. And the pda's were kept to an acceptable level :) I *do* like kissing him. Also we had a little chat re: exes. Seems he hasn't had a relationship last past 6 months. lol, so he's safe now... or I'm less worried about hurting him in some inadvertant way. Also, I was drunk & he said something about my blog & iw as all, "yeah" and he's all, "you HAVE one!!" And now HE's going to try & find it... I tried to talk him out of that. Hopefully he doesn't even remember.

a few notes:

A. My dearest 82 year-old friend stuck in the body of a 21 year old girl has stopped blogging. :( I will miss her daily quips, but perhaps she will stick her head out of her cave a little more often now :)

2. I am a country girl. Okay, you're all laughing right now... but seriously, it's partially true. Having gone off to bumblefuck this weekend for a family wedding, I am reminded that besides the bit of me that is urban & the bit that is decidedly sub-urban, there is also a great chunk of rural to me. After all, it's where my roots are. But okay, let me try to explain this a little better... The drive, both up & back, was gorgeous... the trees are nearly reaching their peaks in the Adirondacks & it's simply breath taking. The tiny town in which my grandparents live gives me a tiny thrill every time I visit. It's hard to describe it without sounding condescending... but it just has an entirely different feel to it. It's a time-capsule kind of place, the ideal location for shooting a sequel to American Graffiti. And surrounding the town are farms, and more farms, separated by woods. Spending Sunday up at Bobby & Mary Anne's pond was a dream... a picnic of sweet cider & homemade doughnuts, walking through the woods under a canopy of bright yellow maples, lobbing tennis balls into the water for Tyler to go & fetch, feeding the gi-normous catfish... It was all so much fun & such a well needed break from my ever increasing time spent in dark, crowded venues in the less-than-sweet smelling city.

D. I'm pretty sure that I *blink* hello at people... or acknowledge them that way or something. I've been noticing this tendency for a few weeks now & I'm pretty sure that's what I'm doing. It's primarily with people I don't know & mostly within our office building... walking towards said stranger i will half smile, close my eyes & look back up at them... it makes me a little nuts when I catch myself doing it... like, wtf AM I doing? Seriously, it's like I'm Barbara Eden's stand in or something... if people start to disappear or change into animals somebody better send for the Genie counsel or a straightjacket or something.

On the agenda for this week:

Tonight: Vicious #4 @ Sin-e Starring: Tarantula, Asobi Seksu, Sasha & The Possibilities & Pela. Pretty psyched. Particularly about Asobi & Pela.

Wednesday: Can you say INTERPOL!!!!? I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. I get the chills when I think about it for too long. I need to get there crazy early & be right up front... I don't think I could stand to see them from the back of the Hammerstein. Denying myself like that could only cause permanent psychiatric problems... which since I already HAVE a few of those might be dangerous.

Thursday - is it possible? Do I have a night off? hmmn, maybe not. Spiritualized is (possibly) at Northsix.

Friday - Maybe Leona Naess @ The Bowery... I really DO need that T-Shirt, I think the girls are going to be in town (Michele A, Laura, Dyana) so maybe Molly's...

Saturday - Fall Festivus in Park Slope courtesy of the Reverend "Iron" Mike Henry. Also, the girls want to hang out post Lauren's Wedding... hoping to get them down to the festivus... Um, there is something else on the 18th... can't think of what. Well, we'll deal with that social dilemma when we come to it.

Next Week: CMJ Marathon. Because I am not rich and I am lacking in volunteer time, I will be buying individual show tickets (to the best of my poverty-stricken ability) I will post my official selections as I make them, but let me say that my goals include British Sea Power, Calla, The Stills & maybe a little Carlos D dj-ing :)

Also... I worship Robyn.

Robynsf: i went away with tracy this weekend though
brainwavey: oh yeah?
brainwavey: where to?
Robynsf: west virginia
brainwavey: nifty.
brainwavey: was it totally gorgeous?
Robynsf: yes and it was a wild weekend
Robynsf: i will tell you all about it when i get some time
Robynsf: here are some highlights:
Robynsf: we got matching tattoos that say "hey" on our hips
Robynsf: danced in a strip club sunday night and made about 140 bucks
Robynsf: got robbed by the other strippers
Robynsf: got pulled over while driving drunk in west virginia by state troopers
Robynsf: after having 7 drinks, i managed to blow less than point one on a breathalyzer test and saved both our asses from west virginia prison
Robynsf: and that's all you get right now

brainwavey: LOL
brainwavey: wtf yo
brainwavey: I worship you


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Oct. 15th, 2003 08:32 pm (UTC)
That whole getting someone's attention by ignoring them thing... I find that works better on women than on men. We're really not all that complex. Well, some of us might be. But I never have any idea what people of your gender want.
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